PFC-Wave U15 & U16 Winter/Spring Teams

Program includes

    • Training: 2x per week beginning early April, at Krueger Park, 7556 Chillicothe Rd, Mentor.
    • Games: OYSAN State League (6 games)
  • All training sessions and games led by professional coaching staff
Program Fee:
  • 2014-15 Program Fee: $750 
  • payment plans available
  • Register HERE by 12/1/2014
  • $25 Late fee after 12/1/2014
  • all payments online by credit card or e-check subject to convenience fees:
  • Credit Card Convenience Fee: 2.5% + $2.00/transaction
    E-check Convenience Fee: $3.00/transaction
  • If you encounter any problems while registering your player, please contact:
    M-F 10am-10pm
    Sa & Su 10am-6:30pm
  • Uniform kit consists of: 2 jerseys (home and away), shorts, and socks
  • Approximate kit cost: $90
  • Uniforms will be used multiple years
  • Participation in at least one tournament per season is expectedl.
  • Tournament fees are additional: $60 per player for each in-town tournament and $100 per player for each out-of-town tournament. Fees cover tournament entry fee, coaching fees, coach travel expenses, and coach lodging (if necessary)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q:  Why are Shaker Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) and Mentor Soccer Club (MSC) combining forces at the high school ages?

A:  Individually, our community-based clubs generally have a very difficult time fielding a team beyond the U14 age level due to a number of factors:  natural dropout of youth soccer players beyond age U14, competing high school activities, and most importantly the Ohio High School "5-player rule".  In order to address this problem, our clubs have decided to combine forces in order to continue to provide high-quality training up through age 18.  A crucial consideration is that both SYSA and MSC are non-profit community-based clubs with very similar philosophies and objectives, including a strong commitment to the development of every player in our program.

Q:  I've heard about the Ohio High School "5 player" rule.  Can you explain?

A:  The rule is set by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) and governs High School athletic eligibility.  It basically states that High School players cannot play on a non-school soccer team (e.g. during the off-season) that has more than 5 players from their High School.

Q:  Can players from other clubs try out for this program?

A:  Yes, but players are expected to play for only one soccer club.

Q:  Can players from high schools other than Shaker Hts HS or Mentor HS participate?

A:  Yes, we welcome players from all high schools.  Players from any high school can participate, however we are limited to 5 from any individual high school on a team roster.

Q:  What age players can play in the U15 & U16 age group?

A:  In addition to U15 & U16 players, we are accepting U14 players who are currently enrolled in 9th grade.

Q:  How are leagues/divisions chosen?

A:  First and foremost, the league/division is chosen based upon the level of competition, in order to maximize the development of players on the team.  A secondary consideration is the commitment level of the involved players/families in terms of travel and expenses.  Options for outdoor (Spring) typically include OYSAN State League Division 1 and OYSAN State League Division 2.  PFC also has experience placing teams in the Midwest Regional League (MRL).  Options for indoor (Winter) typically include the Spire Institute Premier League, or one of the Travel/Rec level leagues at one of the local indoor facilities.

Q:  Will multiple teams be formed in an age group?

A:  If there are enough qualified and committed players, and we can adhere to the OHSAA 5-player rule, we will consider forming multiple teams.  If we cannot form full teams, we may offer training options for those without a team.

Q:  What if I have more questions?

A:  You can contact a representative from either club:

          Paul Driesen - SYSA-PFC, 440-829-9527,

          Missy Read - MSC Wave, 860-449-2802,