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Camps & Clinics

SPRING CLINICS for Competitive Players

All clinics at Shaker Middle School, Lower Field (inside the track).

20600 Shaker Blvd 

Shaker Heights, OH 44122

Fridays April 21, April 28, May 5, May 26, June 2 (no clinics on try-out days 5/12 and 5/19)

Fee: $50

Coach Bios at: 

  Skills Training with Coaches Iulian Bulucea and Nikki Bevilacqua

Ball Mastery! While the study of tactics and strategies in soccer is important in today’s game, the foundation soccer remains the skill of the players. 

Without skill, even the most basic tactical plans cannot be executed.  The giving and receiving of passes, dribbling to maintain possession and to take on defenders, and finishing scoring chances with control and power are central concepts trained in SYSA foot skill sessions. 

Each foot skill session uses proven training exercises and methods for developing ball skills.  The exercises chosen provide repetition of the movements making the skills almost automatic in game situations, allowing the players to play with their heads up and focus on the tactical solution rather than on controlling the ball at his or her feet. 

The focus of SYSA foot skills is to develop skillful players who are able to use both feet to any direction, an ability that will open up virtually limitless playing possibilities.

      • U8-U10: 6-7pm
      • U11-U14: 6-7pm

  Finishing Training with Coaches Iulian Bulucea and Nikki Bevilacqua
    Master the Ball and Score More Goals! Scoring goals is the most exciting part of the game of soccer.  It is also the most difficult.  In order to train goal scoring, players are put into a wide variety of scoring situations in each Finishing session, so that they’ll be prepared when scoring opportunities come along in the game.

    Hand selected activities and exercises are used to practice scoring goals from a variety of positions and situations.  Players are trained to score from 1v1’s, back to pressure, breakaways, finishing from crosses, reacting to rebounds, runs behind the defense and many more common situations.

    Each Finishing session creates an environment that requires players to make decisions that are identical to those that are made in the game.  Repeating this decision making process over and over in training makes it second nature and automatic when facing the same choice in a real game. 
        • U8-U10: 7-8pm
        • U11-U14: 7-8pm


    We are interested in developing and encouraging young players to make the right decisions in game situations. We emphasize the development of individual and team tactics, fitness, and psychological aspects of the game. Our techniques, when applied, create skillful players who perform well under pressure, having learned how to make the right decision at the right moment on the soccer field. We believe this is the key to the successful development of a soccer player. The Total Soccer Academy achieves these objectives through expert coaching provided by a select group of Dutch and American coaches.


    Come and experience the “Dutch Vision” coaching philosophy developed by the Royal Netherlands Soccer Association (KNVB) 20 years ago. Learn for yourself why it is so effective in creating well-rounded players. In keeping with the “Dutch Vision”, players will learn soccer by playing the game of soccer and activities related to the game. The technical, tactical and conditional elements will not be separated from the overall game, nor practiced in an isolated manner. All practice sessions will evolve from the game in which a certain element is emphasized. To achieve these objectives, all Total Soccer Academy coaches train based on the “Dutch Vision” philosophy.

    • Half-day Camp: July 3-7  (no camp on July 4), 9am-1pm
    • Half-day Camp: July 17-21, 9am-1pm
    • Finishing Camp: July 10-14,  4:30-6:00pm, Goalkeepers welcome too! 

    Site: Town Center Field in Shaker Hts

    3450 Lee Road

    Shaker Heights, OH  44120    map

    • Half-day Camp: July 3-7  (no camp on July 4), $170
    • Half-day Camp: July 17-21, $205
    • Finishing Camp: July 10-14, $100
    • $25 cancellation fee
    Additional Details, Registration Instructions, etc, can be downloaded below
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