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Competitive Teams

Competitive Team Registration Fall/Spring

Placement on competitive teams is based on tryouts.  Review our Expectations for Competitive Players.

Thank you for your patience with our ever evolving registration system as we search out the best system for our club and our users.  For the coming year we are using Sports Engine as our Registration Portal.  We chose SportsEngine because it provides 
  • a simple user interface for our members to sign up for our programs, 
  • easy for our members to view their teammates, and communicate within a team
  • behind the scenes interaction with our leagues so your player is approved for rostering in a simple manner.
  • And lots of other features that we look forward to rolling out to enhance our relationship with our members

All players: Register with SportsEngine 
  • Login to your SportsEngine Account that you created when you registered your player for Tryouts.
  • Upload your player's birth certificate and photo:
    • player’s photo (color head shot, can be cropped from a snapshot, JPEG format, 2 MB or less)
    • birth certificate (PDF format, 2 MB or less)
  • Update any incomplete information (additional contacts or caregivers in your family who may want to receive notice of field closures, cancelations, etc.).
  • Accept Waivers
  • Make payment (VISA, MC or electronic check). 
    • Payment plans available over 3 months
      • 1st payment = 1/2 of total fee + $15 finance charge
      • remaining fee split over 2nd & 3rd payment 
Please Register by June 25 27, 2016, midnight 

$25 goes into effect after June 25 27, 2016, midnight 

A word about Late Fees: We don't like late fees anymore than you do, but we have obligations to meet with the leagues your players will be playing in, so we need to know that your player is indeed commited to us, before we commit to our leagues.  It is our hope that you will avoid Late Fees by registering in a timely manner.  

Please do not hesitate to contact if you believe there are extenuating circumstances leading to you having to register your player late.
Lora Mesiano,
Feb 3, 2017, 10:45 AM