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Concussion Testing

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to be at the forefront of medical testing and care for athletes at risk of concussion.  Shaker Youth Soccer Association partnered with the Cleveland Clinic Concussion Center to provide baseline concussion testing for members of our club.  Concussion baseline testing is one of the key elements in the proper management of a concussive injury.

The medical community’s understanding of concussions and their long-term impact continues to evolve and your board, staff and coaches take concussion prevention and treatment seriously.  Over the past year, we adopted training and game practices in alignment with US Soccer best practice recommendations with respect to heading.  In addition, all SYSA coaches complete an official concussion awareness course.  Despite our best efforts in prevention, the concussion risk is present in contact sports, such as soccer.

Due to our club’s size and the partnership we established with the Cleveland Clinic Concussion Center, the Cleveland Clinic will provide the baseline test at a dramatically discounted rate. The test is optional and offered as an additional service to our members.

About the Test:  The Cleveland Clinic utilizes an iPad based application to measure an athlete’s balance, mental focus and concentration, reaction time and visual acuity at rest outside of injury.  There are three stations:  Neurocognitive Testing, Balance Error Scoring System “BESS”, and Dynamic Vision.  These components, tested every other year, are the foundation of academic research.

The collected information will be electronically stored to provide a continuum and baseline for clinicians in the event of a concussive injury.  Utilization of these measurements provides physicians and clinicians with robust information to better understand the injury and help guide management for the safest and most effective return to the classroom and play.

How will baseline data help my child?

  • The test provides a baseline to compare an athlete's condition to when a concussion is suspected and helps clinicians diagnose the concussion and derive an appropriate treatment plan.  See the CDC information on baseline testing.

Who will administer the test? 

Can you tell me more about record keeping, what do I do if I suspect my child has had a concussion, etc? 
  • Yes! Please review these specifics from the Cleveland Clinic Concussion Center - HERE.

When is the test offered? 

  • Saturday, December 10
  • 8am-12noon

How long will it take?

  • approximately 30 minutes

Where is this happening? 

How much does it cost? 

  • $27.50 for those registered by 12/8/2016
  • $40 for those registered after 12/8/2016

How do I register?

Do you need help on the day?
  • Yes! Please volunteer HERE!