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SportsNgin FAQs

FAQs Players & their Families

My account help?  HERE

How do I login to view my account?

  • after logged in, you will see in top left of page your login in name, click on that, and you’ll see a pull down menu, this is your dashboard.
  • If you have a SportsNgin account with other organizations, click on the globe to the right of your username in the top black bar, and select Shaker Youth Soccer Association.
  • You can view any messages sent to you via a sportsngin account, teams your player is on, members of your household, your bills, programs registered for and more.

How do I add family members to my account? HERE  The parent who registered the player(s) should add any parents who are not currently affiliated with the account, but want to receive notices of field closures, game changes, etc.

How do I update my payment information?  HERE

Help Resources

Help for parents  HERE.

Community forum  HERE

FAQs Team Admin

(only applicable to team administrators who have been granted ownership status to their teams)

All team admins must have their own profile, separate from their player. If you don't have your own profile because another member of your family registered your player, please ask the person who registered your player to add you to your family's "household account". 

Team admins must also be "members of the team" you can only send out emails, communicate with others if you make sure you (as the admin) are a "member" of the group (your team). 

If you are a non-member send yourself an invite from the "Manage Team" button on the "Staff" tab and that gave will give you access to the "Messages" section to email your team, etc.

How do I send a message?  HERE

How do I add an event to the team calendar?  HERE

How do I monitor player availabity for games, tournaments, etc?  HERE

Help Resources

Help for team administrators  HERE.

Community forum  HERE