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Week of September 16-22

Foot Skills | Boys
5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Shaker Middle School Median Field

Picture weekend | Check schedule and verify with your coach/manager if you are having a team picture.


SYSA is a not for profit 501(c)(3) association that endeavors to provide the opportunity for youths to develop technical soccer skills, to benefit from team play, to achieve personal growth and positive self esteem, and to learn and promote passion for the game of soccer. See our Mission & Objectives page for more detail.

SYSA serves about 800 players, ages 4 – 18, who participate at three different levels:

New to Shaker

Are you new to Shaker and looking for a reputable soccer organization!  Please visit our Information page to look up details on our specific programs.

Shaker Youth Soccer Information Page

2018-19 Travel Team Accomplishments

Playing in tournaments improves our players and we’re proud that all of our U9 and above travel teams (tournaments start at U9) played in tournaments this fall.  We’d like to congratulate our teams on a great fall league and tournament season.

  • Westlake Invitational - Four teams went to Finals
  • BU19 PFC, Ohio North State League Spring Division Champion
  • BU10 Black, Kent State University D1 Tournament Finalist
  • GU12 Black, Ohio Travel Cup Finalist, Div 4 OHTSL East Fall League Champion
  • GU12 PFC, Bothwell Cup Champions
  • GU13, Bothwell Cup Finalist
  • GU15, Ohio Travel Cup Champions
  • BU10 Red, Ohio Travel Cup Champions, Div 5 OHTSL East Fall League Champion
  • BU10 Black, Ohio Travel Cup Finalist
  • BU11 PFC, Ohio Travel Cup Champions
  • BU11 Black, Madison Invitational Finalist
  • BU12 Black, Ohio Travel Cup Finalist
  • BU13, Ohio Travel Cup Finalist, Div 1 OHTSL Fall League Champion

MeSH Premier Club:

  • BU11 Northern Ohio Cup Champions
  • BU13 Northern Ohio Cup Champions

Subscribe to SYSA Notifications

Subscribe to SYSA Notifications

Special thanks to Laurel for the generous use of their fields and support!