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Mission & Objectives

• To provide developmentally appropriate soccer programs. 

• To teach the game of soccer as a component of developing well-rounded youths. 

• To develop youths to the best of their ability and foster a lifelong enjoyment of the game of soccer. 

SYSA will achieve its Mission through a three-tiered structure comprised of Clinics, Recreation (SYSA Recreational), Competitive (SYSA Travel, High School) programs, which will provide development opportunities for Shaker residents and non-residents. The three-tiered structure supports all players by providing a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes fun and skill at a level that fits his/her interest and ability. 

Promise & Vision

We seek to provide a culture of inclusion that starts at the grassroots level through a volunteer club structure. The board is active and divides responsibilities into functional areas. Paid staff operates at the direction of the board, executes the Association’s mission by fulfilling its daily operations. Volunteers execute the Association’s mission at the grassroots level and independent paid contractor coaches provide valuable coaching expertise for competitive teams and some recreational programs. 

We seek to create a positive environment to teach soccer and life lessons through the game of soccer. We believe in developing youths in a three-dimensional manner: in athletics, life, and community. 

We strive to be the best community soccer club in Northeast Ohio in all aspects. 

Player Goals

  •  Developing Soccer Technique and Insight 
  •  Encouraging our players to embrace Competition 
  • Promoting successful Group Dynamics in pursuit of a common goal 
  • Teaching our players to value Sportsmanship 
  • Promoting Individual and Social Development 
  • Building strength of Character 
  • Winning as an intended outcome of the above but is not the primary objective 
  • Emphasis on Life Lessons in addition to soccer technique and skill 

Player Values

  • Mastery of the game 
  • The challenge of moving beyond one’s comfort zone 
  • Commitment and Dedication 
  • Toughness, Confidence, and Courage 
  • Discipline, Fitness, and Camaraderie 
  • Lifelong Learning

Player Committment

 I will: 

  • Strive to have fun learning and playing the game. 
  • Always give my maximize effort at practice and games to improve my soccer skills and understanding of the game. I understand the amount of playing time I receive in games will be based on my productive participation at practice, my general attitude and adherence to this Player Promise. 
  • Recognize that mistakes are ok to make and that they expand my boundaries to make me a better player. 
  • Have a positive and never quit attitude, exemplify and demonstrate sportsmanship at all times, conduct myself with class and dignity, give encouragement to my fellow teammates, respect all officials and coaches and accept their decisions without question, respect my coach & my opponents. 
  • Learn and obey the laws of the game. 
  • Attend and be prompt and ready to play to all games and practices and immediately report any injury to my coach. 
  • Lose as a champion by continuing to try hard with a positive attitude and win with humility. 
  • Learn the rules, policies & procedures of the Team & Club. 
  • Be the BEST that I can be at all times; for myself, my team, my club and my family. 
  • I will never: 
  • Engage in dissent toward an official or coach nor use profane or vulgar language, 
  • Leave a game field or training session without the permission of my coach, 
  • Never forget that I represent the Shaker Youth Soccer Association – PFC. 
  • Come to the game or practice without the proper equipment and nourishment and I will always be mentally prepared. 

Parent Committment

Derived from US Soccer, USA Hockey and Positive Coaching Alliance, and Parents Association for Youth Sports:

  • I pledge to promote positivity in youth sports and act as a role model to my child, as well as other participants and sports parents I meet. I will serve as an advocate for good sportsmanship and to keep fun and learning at the center of the youth sports experience. I will try to improve upon my youth sports knowledge so that I can be an informative leader in the youth sports community. 
  • I will support and promote fair play by encouraging my youth to play by the rules. I will display good sportsmanship by applauding a good effort by both teams in victory and defeat, and by respecting players, coaches, and officials. 
  • I recognize development is the goal and I will reward effort, learning and I realize that creating an environment where mistakes are used as development opportunities leads to an environment where players expand their horizons and improve. 
  • I will not coach from the sidelines as this often causes confusion and detracts from the learning environment which are working hard to create. 
  • I will not criticize the referee. Referees will make objectives decisions and in the rare instance where they truly make an erroneous call, I realize that we are humans and we are all prone to make mistakes. 
  • I pledge to focus on the benefits of the game rather than the score. 
  • I will treat the opposing team with respect, I will not engage in sideline confrontation with the other team and I recognize compliments for the other team’s outstanding play is encouraged. 
  • I recognize the importance of coaches and team organization. I will take time to attend the team meeting in order to understand the coach, team philosophy and team organization. I recognize and respect the work of the volunteers and I will respond to requests in a complete and timely manner. 
  • I understand the importance of skill development and I realize that practices benefit my player more than games and competition. I will plan to attend practices and games and will notify the coach and manager in a timely manner if any unforeseen issue arises. I will have my player to practice and games on time. 
  • I recognize that I play a critical role in my youth’s sports development. There are resources available to me at to assist me in how to best approach situations and optimize my player’s experience. Parents are encouraged to maintain a positive demeanor toward your player’s performance. This will promote the greatest level of player development. 
  • I recognize I play an invaluable role to enforce the life lessons, such as sportsmanship, playing fair, dedication and I will promote these aspects with my player. I will ask my youth, to the extent possible, to address any team or coaching issues directly with the coach. 
  • I pledge I will save any issues I have with the coach for the next day and I will approach the situation in a calm and rational manner with the exception of moral, health, or safety hazard. I will only escalate non- reconcilable differences according to our grievance policy. 

Please refer to the Positive Coaching Alliance’s parent page for more information.