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What Makes Us Different

Mission & Objectives

  • Provide developmentally appropriate soccer programs.
  • Teach the game of soccer as a component of developing well rounded players.
  • Develop youths to the best of their ability, and foster a lifelong enjoyment of the game of soccer.

SYSA achieves its mission through a three-tiered, community-based soccer club providing Recreation (SYSA Challenge), Travel and Premier (SYSA-PFC) opportunities to the youths in our Association.  The three-tiered structure supports all players in a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes fun, enjoyment and skill development  at a level that fits his/her interest and ability.

Philosophy & Priorities

  • Developing Soccer Technique and Insight
  • Encouraging our players to embrace Competition
  • Promoting successful Group Dynamics in pursuit of a common goal
  • Teaching our players to value Sportsmanship
  • Promoting Individual and Social Development
  • Building strength of Character
  • Winning as an intended outcome of the above but is not the primary objective
  • Emphasis on Life Lessons in addition to soccer technique and skill


  • Mastery of a game
  • The challenge of getting outside of one’s comfort zone
  • Commitment and Dedication
  • Toughness, Confidence and Courage
  • Discipline, Fitness and Camaraderie


  • Challenge, K-1 & Mini Kickers- pre-school to 6th grade, Volunteer Coaches under the direction of our Director of Coaching
  • Travel with a Part-time Professional and Volunteer Coach U8-U10
  • Travel with a Professional Coach U11-U18

Club and Player Promises

Outdoor Practice length and frequency

  • Challenge 1st-4th grade teams: 1x60 minute practice and 1 game on weekends
  • Challenge 5th-6th grade teams: 1x75 minute practice and 1 game on weekends
    • Foot-skills: all ages once a week optional but encouraged
  • Travel U8-U10 teams: 2x75 minute practices, footskills every other week and 1 game on weekends
  • Travel U11-U14 teams: 2x90 minutes practices, footskills clinics every other week and 1 game on weekend
    • Pro-Clinics: all ages, once a week 
    • Goal Keeper Clinics: all ages

Indoor Practice length and frequency

  • Ideally two 8 week sessions and a minimum of one session
  • One team practice
  • Extra Foot-skills once a week optional
  • Extra Goalkeeper clinic once a week optional


  • Travel teams should aim to participate in a Fall and Spring tournament. Tournament costs are in addition to registration fees.
  • Teams should be mindful of practice and games when scheduling tournaments.  Synchronizing tournament weekends, club-wide, is crucial to staying within the guidelines of our regular season practice and game objectives for the players.